Joan D’Souza walks into a therapist’s office, hoping for–best case scenario–a quick fix, or at least a new prescription. She’s tired of feeling overwhelmed. She’s tired of feeling afraid. She’s tired, most of all, of feeling tired.

And she’s desperate.

Just desperate enough to try hypnosis on her first session, diving into her own memories of her childhood home. What she finds there is more frightening than any nightmare–the truth. Explore a lifetime of memories. Interact with artifacts of her past. Delve into her dark family secrets.

Are you ready to know?


Meet the Cast:

Joan D’Souza – Giselle Rasquinha

She was born in Mumbai, India but grew up in Canada. She currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her large extended family. She loves travelling and discovering new things. As a voice artist, she loves that she can be anyone and loves that it is a profession that is open to everyone in the world. She took a course, then created a home studio and is still committed to growth as a voice actor. As a kid growing up in the 90’s her all-time favorite video game was the classic Super Mario and today is always up for a good game of Tetris!

Check out Giselle and the rest of the cast in the trailer for Gnosis below: